Get Kuva With This Free Guide

  The Larvling has been added to the game! And with Warframes being all about their abilities , it's important to know how to handle this tiny guy! Here are some tips that I've found useful when trying to keep track of my little larva friend around pesky mission objectives. How to get kuva lich to spawn There are a few ways to get Kuva Lice to spawn. 1) Capture the special kuva missions. 2) Complete any of the non-kuva missions and capture at least 1 cell, this allows for kuva missions to spawn from the enivornment as well as from enemies killing by large groups of players. 3) Having a player with the 'Hands of the Lotus' rank 5 ability on your squad will basically spawn Kuva on all missions. Be sure that the mission is not a kuva mission already, as this can cause it to be a waste of time and energy! What is a Kuva Larvling and what does it do ? The Kuva Larvling is a special kind of larva that spawns in set locations. It looks very similar to the normal kuva larvae, b

Free League of Legends Skins: How It Works

  Vindicator Vayne is a new addition to the League of Legends store, and was released yesterday . It's available for 1350 RP. The skin forms a different take on the classic League character, changing her into a cyborg clad in blue energy with robotic wings and visor. Her weapons and abilities change to reflect the form as well, like a having a "Vindicator's Draw" (E) which fires blue missiles instead of naming her auto attacks. How to Get Vindicator Vayne You can redeem a promotional code for this skin on the League of Legends store. At the moment, you have two choices: 1) Log into the client and open up the store, clicking the "Redeem Promo" button at the bottom. Enter in PBEVQ2UWXBL7XPQY as your code to unlock the skin. 2) Login to your account and head here . Enter in PBEVQ2UWXBL7XPQY as your code to unlock the skin. What is a Skin Code? Skin codes are distributed to players that intentionally leak content or preview upcoming League of Legends content. Th